Things I have to do for Work #Gothenburg

Ok, I have had a fun filled last few days working at the Thermo Fisher LSG EMEA Commercial awards in Gothenburg.

Working as IT support for the team I have met some great people and been kept very busy but also been spoilt with all the food and way too much coffee.

Although I worked along with my colleagues some long hours we also managed grab a few pictures all be it from in and around the hotel.

The hotel that we stayed at was Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, it is located directly opposite a Theme park which is something a bit different.

Below is a picture from outside the Tower looking back up at one of two of the walk ways between the towers which has a glass floor.

Below here is a picture looking at the outside swimming pool which is located on the 20th floor of the building. It protrudes out from the building and made completely of glass.

The image below was form one of the nights out to a themed style restaurant that caters for all kinds of tastes from Chinese to Italian. It was the one night that we were taken out of the hotel to a different location.

Next we have a picture below from the awards itself. It was an amazing venue and the events team did an amazing job of the layout, staging and the organization.

Finally this picture was taken from my hotel bedroom looking down the road. Nothing more to it than that other than the scenery all around the hotel was just stunning.