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Do things you love

If you have a hobby that you love never give up on it. It may take you to places that you have never been and you may see things you have never seen.

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Haze comes with practice

Finally managed to find some time and a gap in the weather. Only my second attempt, at long exposure and I am sure with practice it will get better. #portsmouth #southsea #oldportsmouth #hotwalls #longexposure #practice #pier #photography

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Need to get back out with the Camera


Been  a while now since I have got out with my camera although on a Daily basis i see some amazing photos from around Portsmouth. Its a great time of year to get out there with your gear as its low light and some clear sky’s (Well at times anyway!)

I do have a project in mind for the coming year with regards photography, I don’t have it complete in my head as yet but watch this space. I will get some updates out there shortly as I work through the plans and hope that you enjoy the content.




A bit of an update from sicknote 

So I know it’s been a while but they isn’t much of an update to be honest, the whole family has been stucken down with this cold. 

As a result I have not managed to get out at all in a few weeks. I cannot wait to shift it so that I can get out for a run again. 

Still hope to have some more updates again soon.