Need to get back out with the Camera


Been  a while now since I have got out with my camera although on a Daily basis i see some amazing photos from around Portsmouth. Its a great time of year to get out there with your gear as its low light and some clear sky’s (Well at times anyway!)

I do have a project in mind for the coming year with regards photography, I don’t have it complete in my head as yet but watch this space. I will get some updates out there shortly as I work through the plans and hope that you enjoy the content.



A bit of an update from sicknote 

So I know it’s been a while but they isn’t much of an update to be honest, the whole family has been stucken down with this cold. 

As a result I have not managed to get out at all in a few weeks. I cannot wait to shift it so that I can get out for a run again. 

Still hope to have some more updates again soon.

Tick Tock, were has the time gone


I know that it has been a while but again the lead up to Christmas and work seemingly ramping up its projects and workload leaving me in a position with very little or no time to train. Not only that have but the curse of the bugs struck the house with the boys getting the sick bug.

Not too sure when i will be getting out again at the moment but as soon as i do get the chance i am sure that i will take it. I will say that my motivation for training for the great south run in 2017. 

Until next time, keep warm and merry



Zombie run!! Tried a new app tonight and managed to finally get out for another good run. #Training #5kRun #GSR #ZombieRun

So finally managed to pull on my shoes and running gear and made it back out again, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say that i was thinking twice about going out.

Today I found myself trying something different as I thought to myself after the last few runs that i had more in the tank, so I gave the Zombie Run app  a go. It seemed like a pretty neat app with a good streamline theme to it, I liked the idea if it but did find that sometimes I would rather be listening to the music that it kept interrupting than hearing some of the things that it chimed in with. I don’t know if I will continue to use it but maybe I will give it another go to see how I get in with it.

Going back to the times today I have to say that I am really pleased, especially after not running for a good few days (over a week and a bit).  The training seems to be paying dividend and I am really happy for it. That being said each time I keep pushing myself and I’m not sure I have anything more to give so will be interesting to see if I can maintain the increases in my pace I have been getting.

Still check out my run on Strava and mate sure you follow my progress also check out the more accurate details of the run below.

Its been a while…


I know that people say being too busy is an excuse to not getting out and going for a run but I disagree. These last few weeks i have just not stopped to the point where i have just not found the time to get out and go for a 30 min run, Crazy1!!

I am hoping that this week I can get back into some kind of routine again and go for a little run but we will see.

Anyway thanks for following and watch this space.


No run 😖

No updates today as I didn’t get the chance to get out for a run as work took over. The day seemed to just run away with me in the end.

Will try again over the weekend. 

Brr… Winters coming 😬

Getting colder out there now although don’t let that fool you it’s actually a whole lot nicer to Run in the weather like it was tonight which was around 6°c dry and crisp.

Today’s run was by far the most comfortable I have felt in a very long time, I even found myself ignoring the C25k app and continuing my run when it says to walk. 

My breathing was very comfortable and the pace which I had tonight was one of the best I have had in all my running before. That being said I think there is something a little screwy with the app as it says that my moving time was around the 25 Min mark, this may be true but I know that my run for the full 5k including all the little walks whats 32 mins almost exactly. 

Still it’s only a guide and I am feeling great within myself even felt as if I could have continued the run further, which for the amount I have been back at it again is a great confidence boost.

Until next time check out my run on Strava:

Just to add a bit more detail from what I spoke about above I have found the true timings of the run tonight and thought that it would be good to share with you.