#LONVMUG 23rd July 2016


Today i am attending my first VMUG Conference, although the day started really badly with the British public transport failing due to a slight weather change :-s i finally made it.

I am still getting used to the layout and the format of the event which is a small get together of VMware specialists. Its a great event to get together with people that worth with the same technology as yourself (Providing that you work with VMware products)

The first breakout that I attended is something that i have a keen interest in which is Mobile Work spaces such as Airwatch and VMware Horizon etc.

Virtual PC’s and BYOD is close to my heart with my background in working with MDT and machine builds to working with Mobile devices studying the latest in Mobile across the globe.


So one of VMware’s new acquisitions is Trustpoint, the reason for is to help automate the migration of the OS platform such as migrating from Windows 7 > Windows 10 (VMware Trustpoint Image Service)


All in all I got a lot out of the event and it had a lot of laughs. I will defiantly be attending the next one.

Until next time bye for now….