Bluebells in the woods

Some Extra Information

Camera: Sony A7 II
Software: Lightroom
Location: Southwick, Hampshire

The Story…

This will only be a short one but like any photographer capturing Bluebells is a must this time of year.
However, for some reason I always find that I am a little disappointed with the outcome and I can never get things right. Guess i can call them my arch enemy of photography.

Nevertheless, there it is always an amazing site to see Bluebells in the woods and it always makes you turn your head and look as you drive by.


Dusting off the camera

Some Extra Information

Camera: Sony A7 II
Software: Lightroom
Location: Portsdown Hill & Langstone Harbour

The Story…

Right, to kick this blog of I dusted off the gear and literally ran out the door. It has seemed like a long time since I got the big camera and lenses out and hit that trigger, with all my travelling and working away I have been favouring using my camera on my phone of which I have been really pleased with the results.

So to start this off and with the wind blowing and sun rapidly dropping I thought that it would be nice to just have a quick stop overlooking Portsmouth from the iconic Portsdown Hill. While there I seemed to have no luck when I was sat waiting for the only bank of cloud that stopped the sun from shining on the scenery in front of me from Portsmouth up to Portchester (The area that i was focused and overlooking).

I didn’t stay up on the hill for a great deal of time as it wasnt the destination that I really wanted to be at but thought that it would just be nice to run through my camera settings again. The following picture was one of that I took.

After the last photo I moved my focus slightly to Portchester, I stood there for a bit waiting and watching to see if the the cloud would break enough to let the light come down and hit Portchester Castle but this never happened, well the time I was there anyway.

Moving on from there I headed down to Langstone Harbour just before the bridge onto Hayling Island. If you are ever passing and want a little walk then this is an ideal spot. There is a plenty to see and also a few pubs to grab some food and drinks.
While I was there the tide had turned and was on its way out ‘Quickly’ so it gave me the chance to walk along a gravel bank and get a good position to take a few images looking back towards The Royal Oak.

Finally while walking back to the car the sun was dropping down at quite a pace. I rushed over the road and managed to very quickly snap this image from the beach at Langstone in the Billy Line side.

Trying something new

Ok, so over the last year or so I have been homing my photography skills and been lucky enough to travel the world thanks to my work.
I have been sat here thinking what else can I do to take things to a new level, I thought about YouTube and Podcasts but i’m still to worried about how it will be received and if i’m actually capable of maintaining a good enough’ level and quality that is needed.

After some thought I have decided to try my hand at a blog and see how that goes. Throughout the year I am going to be talking about my photography and traveling from the past, talk about the gear that I use and do some product reviews and talk about and share my passion for where I live.

I hope that you can join me in this and hopefully see my photography grow throughout the year.