Dusting off the camera

Some Extra Information

Camera: Sony A7 II
Software: Lightroom
Location: Portsdown Hill & Langstone Harbour

The Story…

Right, to kick this blog of I dusted off the gear and literally ran out the door. It has seemed like a long time since I got the big camera and lenses out and hit that trigger, with all my travelling and working away I have been favouring using my camera on my phone of which I have been really pleased with the results.

So to start this off and with the wind blowing and sun rapidly dropping I thought that it would be nice to just have a quick stop overlooking Portsmouth from the iconic Portsdown Hill. While there I seemed to have no luck when I was sat waiting for the only bank of cloud that stopped the sun from shining on the scenery in front of me from Portsmouth up to Portchester (The area that i was focused and overlooking).

I didn’t stay up on the hill for a great deal of time as it wasnt the destination that I really wanted to be at but thought that it would just be nice to run through my camera settings again. The following picture was one of that I took.

After the last photo I moved my focus slightly to Portchester, I stood there for a bit waiting and watching to see if the the cloud would break enough to let the light come down and hit Portchester Castle but this never happened, well the time I was there anyway.

Moving on from there I headed down to Langstone Harbour just before the bridge onto Hayling Island. If you are ever passing and want a little walk then this is an ideal spot. There is a plenty to see and also a few pubs to grab some food and drinks.
While I was there the tide had turned and was on its way out ‘Quickly’ so it gave me the chance to walk along a gravel bank and get a good position to take a few images looking back towards The Royal Oak.

Finally while walking back to the car the sun was dropping down at quite a pace. I rushed over the road and managed to very quickly snap this image from the beach at Langstone in the Billy Line side.


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