Day 3 – Well that wasn’t what we expected 

So today we planned to pop over to the Needles for a quick walk around then see about going to the Old and New Battery.
The day started very cold and windy and most of the attractions closed but luckily the chair lift was working. Took the lift down to beach for a great walk then back up again some time later.

Next we decided to walk to the battery which apparently is only a 20 min walk. However not knowing that we cannot drive to the destination and the other way to get there is by walking we set on our way. Over all the walk took far longer than 20 mins so be prepared, it was also very hilly so make sure you have your walking shoes on.

Below is some of the pictures from the day.

Started the day by looking at this amazing landmark. Been around for many generations and never really changed much. It makes life a lot easier in getting down to the beach. #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

Once at the bottom i couldn’t help but look up at the chairs going over my head. #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

Looking at the cliffs on the beach at the needles you can find some great colour sands #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

Taking in all the sights from the beach. Looking towards the needles. Don’t let the sun and bright sky’s cool you, it was very cold. #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

The walk towards the old battery at the needles come with some amazing views. #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

Two out of 3 seemed happy with the view, Fred’s didn’t even realise the walk was up hill and the effort that was out in walking to the top 😂🤔😴😓 #happyholidays #isleofwight #theneedles

At the end of the walk we made a friend with Mr Fox following us back to the car to say bye! 🦊 #happyholidays #isleofwight #fox #theneedles

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