Day 2 – Isle of Wight Vampire hunt 

So this morning we took a trip to the famous Garlic Farm, something that we always spoke about visiting when where to visit the island. After we moved across to Godshill as a quick visit and ended spending the rest of the day their.

Great start to the day by visiting the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm, fab place and well worth a visit if your in the island. 👍🚜 #happyholidays #isleofwight #garlic #garlicfarm

Great day at the model village today, Fred’s giving some lovely cuddles under the trees 🌲💕 #happyholidays #isleofwight  #godshill #modelvillage #love

Godshill Old Tea Room, yet another gem of a location and the flowers as you walked by smelt amazing. #happyholidays #isleofwight #spring #flowers #godshill

What a view to finish the day off with, Culver Cliff where you can see to just about anywhere. #isleofwight #happyholidays #culvercliff

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