Zombie run!! Tried a new app tonight and managed to finally get out for another good run. #Training #5kRun #GSR #ZombieRun

So finally managed to pull on my shoes and running gear and made it back out again, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say that i was thinking twice about going out.

Today I found myself trying something different as I thought to myself after the last few runs that i had more in the tank, so I gave the Zombie Run app  a go. It seemed like a pretty neat app with a good streamline theme to it, I liked the idea if it but did find that sometimes I would rather be listening to the music that it kept interrupting than hearing some of the things that it chimed in with. I don’t know if I will continue to use it but maybe I will give it another go to see how I get in with it.

Going back to the times today I have to say that I am really pleased, especially after not running for a good few days (over a week and a bit).  The training seems to be paying dividend and I am really happy for it. That being said each time I keep pushing myself and I’m not sure I have anything more to give so will be interesting to see if I can maintain the increases in my pace I have been getting.

Still check out my run on Strava and mate sure you follow my progress also check out the more accurate details of the run below. https://www.strava.com/activities/783587787/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-GB&v=1479925037


Its been a while…


I know that people say being too busy is an excuse to not getting out and going for a run but I disagree. These last few weeks i have just not stopped to the point where i have just not found the time to get out and go for a 30 min run, Crazy1!!

I am hoping that this week I can get back into some kind of routine again and go for a little run but we will see.

Anyway thanks for following and watch this space.


Family Time

Tough run with the boy

Managed to get out today and glad that I did. This time and for the first time my son come along for a run too.

Had a good run although at times did find it a little tough. Thought that the finish went well though.

The boy did extremely well and I am so proud of him for keeping up with me although im sure that it wasn’t to hard for him 😬

Here is a me and Luke after getting to the 5k mark

Finally check out the run from today on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/773331112/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-GB&v=1478968217


Brr… Winters coming 😬

Getting colder out there now although don’t let that fool you it’s actually a whole lot nicer to Run in the weather like it was tonight which was around 6°c dry and crisp.

Today’s run was by far the most comfortable I have felt in a very long time, I even found myself ignoring the C25k app and continuing my run when it says to walk. 

My breathing was very comfortable and the pace which I had tonight was one of the best I have had in all my running before. That being said I think there is something a little screwy with the app as it says that my moving time was around the 25 Min mark, this may be true but I know that my run for the full 5k including all the little walks whats 32 mins almost exactly. 

Still it’s only a guide and I am feeling great within myself even felt as if I could have continued the run further, which for the amount I have been back at it again is a great confidence boost.

Until next time check out my run on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/769804975/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-GB&v=1478628552

Just to add a bit more detail from what I spoke about above I have found the true timings of the run tonight and thought that it would be good to share with you.


Back on it… 

Today I was back on it again after not feeling 100% the last few days. Changed the route around a little today and added in a few hills (mainly because I needed to find better lit roads).

Felt good again although I was still following the C25k app so the pace is nice and easy at the moment.

Check out my times below. 

Check out my run on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/765732862/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-GB&v=1478281456